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   Welcome to the website of the project Touch of History.

    It is a unique project of the Association It is good you're here. It's main objective is to present to visually impaired people, people with intellectual and mobility disabilities selected monuments of Sandomierz. The project is also dedicated to all city residents and tourists.

Our project is the first complete action, by which the history of Sandomierz, and five, the most distinctive historic buildings have been presented in an optimal way for people with disabilities.

In the courtyard of the Casimir Castle, on pedestals there are set at a height of 80 cm sculptures--bronze casts of the following landmarks: Opatowska Gate, Town Hall, Dlugosz House, Casimir Castle and Church of St. James and the Dominican Monastery. Sculptures were made in scale by Andrzej Karwat; all the architectural details are shown on them; the blocks can be easily embraced with hands. Each pedestal is comfortably accessible.

The Project is accompanied by a free publication--a guide to the exhibition, written in an accessible way, in accordance with the principles of audio description.

The website is designed for people with disabilities. You can enlarge the font, change the contrast, and listen to the texts.

We invite you to read the information, then to visit Sandomierz, and touch the City Hall attic, or Castle roof curvature.

Association It's good you're here.

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