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The project entitled Touch of History was realized in Sandomierz. It is one of the oldest, the most important and most beautiful Polish cities. Every year it is visited by a large number of tourists. Since the beginning of the Association It's good you’re here, we do our best so that Sandomierz becomes a city friendly to visually impaired people, people with intellectual and mobility disabilities. Removal of the architectural barriers is too expensive for us; we are trying to change the perception of disabled people in society by implementing educational projects. With the Project Touch of History, i.e. five bronze casts of the most important monuments set in the courtyard of the Casimir Castle, we take into consideration tourists and visually impaired residents, people with intellectual and mobility disabilities and the elderly. This is the first and only place in Sandomierz, where tourists, residents, not just the visually impaired or physically disabled can touch Sandomierz sights, learn about their shape, texture and learn about their history.

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