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Planning this exhibition, all the time we had to respect its "educational value" serving both disabled and healthy people.


Monuments are shown in miniature, in proportion to the real size. These sculptures are planned in the way, so that visitors, especially the visually impaired could touch them; explore their shape. Their size is chosen in the way so that they can be embraced with both hands. The height, width and distance of pedestals on which they are set, is designed for the comfort of movement of people in wheelchairs.


In addition, there is information placed in the Braille alphabet including the most important data, and the text was written in accordance with the principles of audio description. Moreover, there is prepared information about the monuments in Polish and English for sighted people.


We have developed and released the first comprehensive guide that describes the history of Sandomierz, and five presented historic buildings, which is dedicated for the intellectually disabled tourists. The guide can be printed using this site. It is also available free of charge from the Tourist Information Centre and District Museum in Sandomierz.
We hope to encourage the disabled to visit Sandomierz, get acquainted with the city history and monuments.


We would like to raise awareness about the needs of blind and disabled that should be carried out by museums, cultural institutions, etc. We invite guides, teachers, and tutors of physically or intellectually disabled people to visit the exhibition, run active lessons about the history or any other activities on the exhibition site.

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