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The process of creating sculptures included in the exhibition Touch of History consists of a number of interesting, different stages.

To create sculptures faithfully reflecting the appearance of the sights is good to have a complete architectural documentation.Mostly, these are detailed architectural plans facilitating accurate calibration of models. It is also worth to take photographs of the buildings--in overall shots and the buildings details, usually not included in the architectural plans and useful in subsequent work on the model.

Modeling work begins with the main building blocks which, as the work progresses will have the details added.

During the model creation various tools and materials are used. The Artist uses knives, scalpels, files, heat gun, and many seemingly unrelated to modeling objects. Some technical solutions, methods of work and the materials used are the Artist’s secret.

The final stage in the model creation is forming the buildings walls texture; application of the consistent artistic language should be ensured. Elements of brick, plaster or tile, all must be specific and clear in the perception of the visually impaired people.

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